What our clients are saying about Brow Works!

Taylor C. | Brow Works Signature Facial

Brow Works I cannot thank you enough for all the wedding prep! The pre wedding Diamond Glow, LightStim treatments and Lash Lift were SUCH a game changer! You’d never know I got no sleep that week!

Belle T. | Touch Ups

Jana and her staff are impeccably professional, highly skilled, and so accommodating. The salon is beautiful and I so appreciated that they have the latest equipment. As a practicing paramedical esthetician for 40 years, and the owner of 5 salons, I must give Brow Works top rating.

Ashley P. | Brow Works

I am very pleased with how my brows turned out. They are amazing and frame my face so well. Couldn’t be more pleased. :)

Kim S. | Other Services

Jana is excellent at brows and scar camouflage. I'm so impressed with how detailed she is! I feel beautiful when I leave!

Natasha R. | Touch Ups

I absolutely love my eyebrows! Jana and her team are wonderful women who have an artistic eye for beauty!

Myles W. | Light works

I’ve been using my LightStim for Wrinkles and it’s working! I had dinner with a friend last night and he asked, “why do you look younger than you did a month ago?” Ha! Everyone is also asking if I’ve lost weight!

Isabela Valle | Environ Skincare

Thank you so much for dropping off the products. I am in love with this line! My peri- menopausal skin is drinking it up! I see more even tone, pores and lines are smaller. Really, I have spent so much on retail products with no evidence of them working. Thank you for introducing me to this line, it is giving me some of my youth back! ❤

Johanna P. | New Client Consultation

Jana gave me an enzyme treatment and a color patch test for brows. My skin is super hydrated and still glowing after three days! The studio is beautiful and immaculate and the staff is talented and professional. FIVE STAR TREATMENT!