Best Permanent Makeup in Orange County

Brows | Eyeliner | Lips | Color Corrections | Tattoo Removal
The average woman spends 840 minutes a month putting on makeup. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time!
Permanent makeup is the answer.

Permanent makeup is a safe and long-lasting procedure that accentuates your natural eyebrows, eyes and lips so you look beautiful with less time and effort.

At Brow Works, we believe in “Effortless Beauty Everyday.” Brow Works is a unique beauty studio in Newport Beach offering the “trifecta of skin care,” flawless natural-looking permanent makeup, scientifically-based skin care and facials, as well as beneficial LED light therapy.


Permanent Brows, Microblading, Powder and Ombre Brows

Effortless beauty begins with strong brows that frame the face. We use the latest permanent makeup brow techniques and products to create natural classic eyebrows.
All salons have their own names for different techniques. This includes using the hand-method for microblading or microstroking, the soft ombre powder brow, and the feathered brow technique, to shape the brows or a combination of these techniques.


Permanent Eyeliner

What are eyebrows without shapely eyes? Permanent eyeliner is a procedure that tattoos pigment between and above the eyelid area to create the illusion of bigger and more dramatic eyes. It intensifies the eyes by accentuating the lash line with a smudge-proof finish that looks like freshly applied eyeliner and lasts all day.


Permanent Lips

Women spend $1,780 on lipstick in their lifetime. Permanent Lipliner adds youthful color, fullness and definition without injecting lip fillers.

At Brow Works, we love lips too – and the convenience of having perfect lips without constantly applying lipstick.
Permanent lipliner can give lips the appearance of fuller and more youthful lips by adding color and definition without the telltale look of fillers.


Color Correction
& Tattoo Removal

Mistakes in brow shape and color are common. The good news is that Brow Works can easily correct brows that have faded or become discolored or are the wrong shape or asymmetrical.

We can also remove old tattoos safely and painlessly and we can camouflage scars by adding pigment so scars blend into the existing skin.