Permanent Brows / Microblading


“Natural classic eyebrows frame and lift the face.”

$32,000 is spent on brow shaping appointments, 8 times a year, during a woman’s lifetime. Invest in permanent brows and save time and money!

Effortless beauty begins with strong brows that frame the face. We use the latest permanent makeup brow techniques and products to create natural classic eyebrows.

All salons have their own names for different techniques. This includes using the hand-method for microblading or microstroking, the soft ombre powder brow, and the feathered brow technique, to shape the brows or a combination of these techniques.

At Brow Works, we sit down with every client to create a custom look at the initial free consultation. Results vary from a softly powdered look, to more definitive color to filling in individual hair strokes. Some unevenness of color is expected after the first appointment and why we recommend a follow-up Perfection Appointment 5-8 weeks afterwards to fine-tune the shape and add color.

Permanent makeup can last anywhere from 1-3 years depending on someone’s skin type and how they take care of their skin, the technician’s skill and equipment used. Everyone is different. Brow Works recommends that all clients come in for yearly touch-ups so brows stay fresh and well-maintained.

Microblading or Microstroking Brows

  • Microblading, also called feathering, hair strokes, microstroking, 3D, 4D, or 6D and embroidery, is the semi-permanent technique of implanting or tattooing hair-like strokes into the brow area using semi-permanent ink to match the growth pattern and color of your existing brows.
  • Microblading creates a cleaner more defined brow than from using a traditional permanent makeup machine. Instead Microblading is performed using a high-tech hand instrument with very fine micro-needles grouped together. This allows the makeup artist to create fine incisions and then carefully place pigment into the incisions in the upper layer of the skin, the Epidermis. This results in what looks like crisp natural individual eyebrow hair strokes that do not blur after healing like with a traditional permanent makeup machine
  • The Full or Soft Powder / Shading Brow is a procedure, which creates a slightly bolder powdered brow that blends with or without your own natural brow.
  • The Ombre Brow uses a procedure to create slightly bolder permanent brow that blends well with or without your own natural hairs, by adding soft, subtle shading in the body of the brow to give it additional dimension.
  • Hybrid - Microblading / Powder Combination combines the Microblading and Powder Brow procedures for a natural defined look.
  • Annual Refresher / Touch-ups. For clients to maintain the overall appearance and quality of your previous brow procedures, we recommend annual refresher or touch-ups. A few weeks after the treatment, a Perfection Appointment is scheduled so we can fine tune the shape and add color if needed. All Brow Works appointments include a second follow-up session.

Brow Works – Permanent Brows

Brow Works

Brows | $400

The Works

Brows, Lips, Liner | Price upon request

Touch Ups

Brows | $200
The cost of touch-ups is
only valid for returning clients.

Our clients can browse through the Brow Works Look Book before his or her first complementary consultation and then discuss how to create their own look. Clients are also encouraged to bring in photos of brows they like which can be adapted for their unique face shape and features.  We also offer a Men’s Brow package for our male clients who want a natural, not styled eyebrow look.

At Brow Works, all first session permanent makeup appointments (excluding color corrections or camouflage and removal) include a second session at no charge. The cost of touch-ups is only valid for returning clients. All permanent makeup procedures include LED light therapy treatment.