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At Brow Works, we believe that every woman deserves to be beautiful. You are never too young to start taking care of your face. Invest in a good skincare routine because you wear your face everyday. Brow Works scientific anti-aging skin treatments will transform your skin and give you a fresh, healthy glow!

“Radiant, lust-worthy skin doesn’t just happen by chance,
it happens by appointment.”




Less is more for today’s busy modern woman who prefers more natural and non-invasive options to the traditional facelift, Botox or fillers.

Our Skin Works menu reflects the most effective skin advances today. All treatments are designed to work together with no downtime.

All Brow Works facial appointments include a bonus brow tutorial. Learn how to create natural brows at home. Show off your healthy, radiant skin + beautiful brows!  



Microneedling, also called Collagen Rejuvenation Therapy (CRT) or dermarolling, is a favorite of skin specialists with many clinical studies to back it up. It is one of the most popular skin treatments today because clients see results. It is also cost effective compared to other resurfacing procedures.



Dermalinfusion is the latest solution for healthy, vibrant, rejuvenated skin. The patented 3-in-1 skincare technology is a very effective skin resurfacing treatment that treats the face, neck, body and scalp with immediate results.

Dermalinfusion extracts exfoliates and infuses. The treatment removes almost 80% of the dead skin cells with the diamond-tipped wand.



Dermaplaning is a favorite procedure for models and actresses as it creates a flawless canvas allowing makeup to glide on for those Hollywood closeups

Dermaplaning is a quick, effective, exfoliating treatment using a surgical scalpel and light, feathering strokes to gently scrape off dead skin cells along with the fine peach fuzz on the surface of the skin. There is no downtime.



Thermoclear is the latest in non-invasive radio frequency technology using both low and high frequency to treat epidermal skin imperfections on all skin types.

Clients can see instant and long-lasting results with just one treatment.


Specialty Services

We offer a number of specialty services so clients can enjoy the Brow Works Experience for all their beauty needs. In addition to permanent makeup for brows, clients can try out a new brow look first with professional brow shaping and henna brow tinting. Clients can also choose to do permanent eyeliner or Eyelash Enhancement or start small and try a Lash Lift to enhance their natural lashes or Lash Extensions for glamorous long lashes. The studio offers full facial waxing to leave skin soft and smooth along with our skin treatments. Finally, Brow Works highly experienced makeup artists can create any look for our clients, from a natural, everyday style to full on drama for an important event.