Dermalinfusion Volumizes Skin

Less is more for today’s busy modern woman who prefers more natural and non-invasive options to the traditional facelift, Botox or fillers.”

Our Skin Works menu reflects the most effective skin advances today. All treatments are designed to work together with no downtime.

Throughout life, skin changes and the best treatments address and improve specific issues by age. Young skin is plump and smooth with small pores and even tone while older skin is thinner and dryer, with larger pores, hyperpigmentation, browns spots, wrinkles and loss of firmness.

We can help improve the condition of your skin at any age. Our facials and skin treatments are customized for each client and carefully paired for maximum results.


Signature Facial | Dermalinfusion

Dermalinfusion is the latest solution for healthy, vibrant, rejuvenated skin. The patented 3-in-1 skincare technology is a very effective skin resurfacing treatment that treats the face, neck, body and scalp with immediate results.

Dermalinfusion extracts exfoliates and infuses. The treatment removes almost 80% of the dead skin cells with the diamond-tipped wand.



Dermaplaning is a favorite procedure for models and actresses as it creates a flawless canvas allowing makeup to glide on for those Hollywood closeups

Dermaplaning is a quick, effective, exfoliating treatment using a surgical scalpel and light, feathering strokes to gently scrape off dead skin cells along with the fine peach fuzz on the surface of the skin. There is no downtime.

It is great for all skin types and especially for clients with sun damage, fine lines, and dry, dull skin. Dead skin buildup and peach fuzz can make your complexion appear dull and flakey and even cause breakouts from clogged pores and hair follicles. Dermaplaning also allows for deeper penetration of skincare products.

Brow Works Signature Facial | Dermalinfusion

Brow Works Signature Facial | $175

With Dermalinfusion for youthful, firm glowing skin at any age.
Each facial is customized for a client’s specific needs.

Brow Works uses Environ products, which contain powerful vitamins, antioxidants and peptides to penetrate deeply into your skin during the treatment.

One Facial | $175
Three session package | $450
Six session package | $750


Dermaplaning Add-on | $50

Microneedling Hands | $100
Microneedling Under Eyes | $100

Extra collagen boost with LED Light Therapy | $1/minute

Brow Bonus with any BW Facial | Complimentary
All Brow Works facial appointments include a brow tutorial. Learn how to create natural brows at home.  
Book now for healthy, radiant skin + beautiful brows.  


1 hour | $100/hour

Add-on to another service (30 minutes): | $50

Brow Works Teen Facial

Brow Works Teen Facial | $125
For clients age 13 -19 years-old

With Dermalinfusion
Includes a custom deep cleanse, steam, exfoliation,
extraction, mask and LED light therapy

Give teens a “gift of a lifetime”
You are never too young to take care of your face!

Dermaplaning Add-on | $50